Mariners Park Museum

The following images (electronic production by Betty Ann Anderson of the Owl in the Sun Studios, Picton) which have particular reference to the Mariners Park Museum, South Bay, are part of an ongoing collection reflecting the traditions, history and heritage of Prince Edward County. Betty Ann Anderson's ancestors were very early settlers in Prince Edward County, and her family has included sailors, fishermen, and keepers of several of the local lighthouses.




The False Duck Island Lighthouse, originally built 63 feet high in 1828, then moved as a Centennial project to South Bay in 1967

     Early Marine Radio - hand crank - details required
Bicentenial plaque at South Bay commemorating the first settlement in late June 1784 of the 5th township of Cataraqui, Marysburgh, by the United Empire Loyalists.
Canoes Early Canoes on display at the Mariners Park Museum
Ship's lifeboat - part of the open air exhibits at Mariners Park Museum
Part of the display . . .
More of the display, artefacts, etc . . .
     One of the ships models on display
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