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And yes... these are all real questions...

N.B. This page was originally written with a marine history group, hosted by Queen's University, in mind. Other subjects, lists, will follow this format more or less, so YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).

Q. How do I create and maintain a message filter so that my E-mail client automatically matches criteria I set and files messages in a particular folder when they arrive.?

A. This is the way to create Message Filters - specifically for MarHst-l - please send comments and suggestions to [e-mail us]

Eudora 4.x

1. Go to "Special", "Make Filter" and click "Add Details" before you fill anything in.

2. In the "detailed" Filters Dialog box

  1. Match "Incoming", Header "Any Header", "contains" "MARHST-L"
  2. Action "Transfer to:", click on "In", New, and make a new box (not folder) "MarHst"
  3. Save

Netscape Messenger 4.7

1. In the Messenger window, choose Message Filters from the Edit menu.

2. In the Message Filters dialog box, click New.

  1. Type a name for the filter - eg "MarHst".
  2. Select the "Match" option you want - for example "Sender" "Contains" "MARHST-L"
  3. Click New Folder to create a new mail folder - eg "Move to folder" "New Folder", type in "Marhst", create as subfolder of "Local Mail"
  4. [optional] Type information about this filter in the Description field.

Netscape Mail 6.0

  1. To create a new destination folder for messages, in the Mail window right click Local Filters and choose "New Folder". In the "New Folder" dialog box box type in a Name: (e.g. MarHst)
  2. Choose Message Filters from the Edit menu
  3. In the "Message Filters" dialog box left click the "New" button.
  4. In the "Filter Rules" dialog box:
    a) type in a "Filter Name" (e.g. MarHst)
    b) select the "match at least ONE of the following conditions" radio button
    c) select "Sender" "Contains" and type in "MARHST-L"
    d) under "Action" select "Move to Folder" and "Local Folders".
    e) from the pop up menu attached to "Local Folders" select your preferred Folder.
  5. Back at the "Message Filters" dialog box click "OK"

Outlook Express

[It has been suggested to use "the Inbox Assistant to direct all email addressed to '' to a seperate directory, but I can't find the "assistant".]

  1. Go to "Tools", "Message Rules", "Mail"
  2. Conditions: check "Where the from line contains people", then click on the blue "Contains peiople" in box 3, then fill in "" and click OK
  3. In box 2. click on "Move it to the specified folder", then click on the blue "Specified folder" in Box; click on "New", type in "MarHst", click OK twice
  4. In box 4, name the rule "MarHst" and click OK

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