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E-mail etiquette for lists

E-mail problems - General, formatting, HTML
E-mail problems - more.... Including security aspects
E-mail and IT abbreviations
Filtering incoming E-mail - typical "list" usage
AOL E-mail problems

Please be concise when writing, and format your posts:

The easier your posts are to read, the more people will read them.

Please be nice to the other posters to the newsgroup. Similarly, please don't flame others. Constructive criticism gets better results than insults.

Please send private responses over e-mail off-list. If you aren't sure if it should be said, take it to private e-mail. Better yet, don't post a followup or email a reply at all.

[1] If you need help turning off the HTML, either read the instructions that come with your e-mail software, or ask someone who has taken the time and made the effort to do so; if turning it off still proves impossible, use a different e-mail program. AOL problems are covered separately.

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